“Steppin’ Up”

    Another dispatch from the M.I.A. media onslaught: On “Steppin’ Up,” the latest song from her upcoming album to leak, M.I.A. hits any thoughts of her going completely pop miles out of the park. While the audio file below comes from a radio rip of BBC DJ Zane Lowe’s show, this is the last track you’d ever expect to hear with any regularity on your local station. It noisily stomps around like a drunk giant in a city’s factory district, engages in little flirtation with dubstep, and features some of M.I.A.’s most glitched-out vocals to date. Completely confusing, but quite thrilling.


    /\/\ /\ Y /\ is due out on July 13th.



    M.I.A. – Stepping Up by sheenabeaston