“Step 2 The Side” (Prod. Exile) (Prefix Premiere)

    Seminal West Coast hip-hop outfit Freestyle Fellowship will make their long-awaited return next month with The Promise, their first full-length album since 2001. While a decade might seem like a long time off, these guys haven’t missed a step. Their respective solo work proves that point well enough, but truly driving that notion home is the latest single off The Promise, the Exile-produced “Step 2 the Side.”

    While their verses fly by at a blistering pace, Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E., and Self Jupiter come together on the hook to send a message to lesser MCs, haters, snobby females, and everyone else in between. And that emphatic message is — you guessed it — “Step 2 the Side.” If you somehow needed another reason to anticipate The Promise, this track will absolutely fill that void.

    You can stream “Step 2 the Side” and view the album track listing and art below. The Promise is due out Oct. 18 on Decon.

    The Promise track listing:

    01 Introduction
    02 We Are 
    03 The Write Here
    04 Step 2 the Side 
    05 Ambassadors
    06 Dart
    07 Gimme
    08 Government Lies
    09 Introspective
    10 Daddies
    11 Candy feat. JimiJames
    12 Know the Truth
    13 Popular
    14 Promise