“Stay Down” (Video)

    Ah, the joys of being a rap fan, eh? Often the best bodies of work in this beloved genre are unappreciated (or simply uncomprehended) by the masses, while the trashiest tracks (see: anything recorded by Soulja Boy ever) enjoy the fruits of radio play, chart positioning and short-lived stardom.

    A stalwart of the independent scene, El-P is all-too familiar with this particular nuisance—just observe his latest music video, “Stay Down,” a track taken from his highly acclaimed Cancer 4 Cure LP. The MC performs in front of a boppy teen crowd who give him looks of bemusement and repugnance, only to react to TV on the Radio’s Jaleel Bunton (who fills Nick Diamonds’ role) like he was Jesus Christ himself (only a more douchey, bob-sporting one).

    The clip serves as a prequel to the unanimously awesome “The Full Retard” video, also off C4C. Grab the popcorn and enjoy below. [Pitchfork]