“Stay Awake” (Prod. Madeon)

    British beauty Ellie Goulding finally released her sophomore album, Halcyon, this past Friday. While the record has spawned a number of soothing synthpop hits, including “Anything Could Happen” and “Hanging On,” here’s one gem that you might have yet to unearth: “Stay Awake” as produced by 18-year-old French beatmaking talent, Madeon.

    One of four bonus cuts included on the Tesco exclusive edition (which also contains White Sea’s “Anything Could Happen” remix), the track amalgamates Ms. Goulding’s mystical vocals and Madeon’s uptempo, textbook electronic soundscape into compelling blend. Consider this as a little bonus to your weekend playlist, which, needless to say, should already include a healthy portion of Halcyon.