“Start The Show” F. Raekwon & RZA

    The previous two leaks we have heard from Wu-Tang Clan’s Legendary Weapons have been mid-tempo burners and the Kung Fu-esque shit made for chopping throats on the low. Their brooding, understated approach has partially been why the tracks have worked so well. Hell, most slower Wu cuts tend to outweigh their energetic ones unless Ghostface Killah is at the helm and bringing a caffeinated ruckus.


    Otherwise, cuts like “Start the Show,” the latest Legendary Weapons leak, are serviceable at best. Raekwon just sounds out of place over the funky production and RZA, who can usually ramp up the energy level, mumbles his way through his verse. It’s too bad they decided to open the album with this track, but at least the leaks have shown us there is better material residing within.


    You can stream “Start the Show” below and download it here. Legendary Weapons drops July 26.



    [Nah Right]