“Staring At The Sun” (Video)

    Nacho Picasso and Blue Sky Black Death are wasting no time letting everyone know that their second joint album, Lord of the Fly, needs to be in your rotation. Following the release of the “Rammin'” video two weeks ago, we’re seeing some visuals for another standout in “Staring at the Sun” today.

    Honestly, I could use the words standout, highlight, gem, etc… for damn-near-every song off Lord of the Fly. It’s so cohesive, well produced, and lyrically sharp that each track shines within the context of the mixtape and on its own. Like “Staring at the Sun,” which takes on a new life in these fittingly purple-heavy, hazy visuals.

    You can watch the video below and download Lord of the Fly immediately at Bandcamp.