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Spoon: "Nobody Gets Me But You" f. Questlove (Live On Fallon) (Video)


It’s been a strange 2010 for Britt Daniel and his band, Spoon. One minute they’re headlining Radio City Music Hall in New York City with young bucks Deerhunter in support, the next they’re a footnote to the Arcade Fire comeback by opening for Win Butler and his group at Madison Square Garden. Fortunately, Spoon decided to pay a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s studio while in the city on this jaunt, to perform “Nobody Gets Me But You” from Transference.


In truth, the Spoon/Arcade Fire match up makes perfect sense. As demonstrated by this performance, Daniel has become a past master at delivering slightly hollow anthemic rock tunes, which may not have a great deal of substance, but are pleasantly hummable for the few minutes or so they float by on a TV screen or YouTube clip. And they even found a couple of drums and some maracas for Questlove to stoically play throughout.


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You ignoramuses are obviously basing your belief that Spoon lacks 'substance' on this song alone and have not listened to anything else they have done. They have way more substance than your average modern rock band and just about all of the pop garbage you hear on the radio.


I pity the fool who can't dig the groove of this song. Sparse lyrics do not necessarily equal a lack of substance. This is pretty eclectic stuff for mainstream TV and a great live performance as well.


First, second or third, this band is playing Madison Square Garden. Being the headline band does not strike me as Spoons focus point in this show.


I would rather watch 527 other bands. Almost instinctively my fingers inched toward the mouse to end this banality. I forced myself to watch to see if they could redeem themselves. Spoon has had a good song or two. They are overrated. No disrespect to ?uestlove.


this band is so boring. how did they get on tv?


Yeah, the tone of this vacuous write up makes me think it was written by a 22 year old who doesn't really appreciate how weird a band Spoon is and has been for years now. Where contemporaries like Death Cab for Cutie have lapsed into a kind of mellow middle-age (in band years, which are like dog years), Spoon's latest record is their sparest and edgiest yet. It's music by a mature band that hasn't given up on doing new things. Don't act like they're Jefferson Starship.


"...slightly hollow anthemic rock tunes?" You're obviously a two-bit dimwit. Have you ever listened to Kill the Moonlight, Girls Can Tell, or Gagagagagagaga? Have you even seen Spoon live? There's not a tighter group out there. But how would a mental grasshopper like you know? Sitting in the confines of a dormitory, spasmodically viewing viral clips from your macbook in between masturbatory sessions. This song is damn near bursting at the seams, but it's quelled with the subdued restraint of creative prowess and artistic control. The only thing lacking substance here is your vapid review. But you know what? I'm glad kids like you don't understand this kind of music...That way I won't ever have to kick your ass at one of their shows.


yeah, it's still a huge show. and i love kill the moonlight and series of sneaks. don't think nick was really bashing them

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba


Nick Neyland really obviously knows nothing about music production or song craft.

Anyone with a basic understanding of sound design knows what Spoon is doing here and on albums like 'kill the moonlight' is far from hollow.

Couldn't help having a dig at the band in his pithy intro.

This obviosuly is tighter than a mosquito's anus and has more substance than 98% of the bs we're exposed to.

Unfortunately, Nick Neyland will continue to shoot his hollow, insubstantial critiques into the ether. But hey, what a substantial creative impact he will have on this planet.


not really feeling johnny five string on second bass. but ?uestlove is dope as always.


The funny part is this song is in no way hummable


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