“Spanish Joint” (Kero One Remix)

    Los Angeles-based producer Kero One has been known for his remixes fused with flavors that come from jazz, to soul, and hip hop. His newest concoction comes in the form of taking R&B classic “Spanish Joint” by D’Angelo. He amplifies the bass, adds a bigger piano-based melody, synths, and an overall even bigger good time vibe to the track.

    The producer stated:

    I’ve always been a fan of the track Spanish Joint by D’Angelo but I felt like the original is fairly mellow and couldn’t find a way to fit it or any D’Angelo for that matter, into my DJ sets. So i remixed this acoustic “Spanish Joint” with a more vibey dance feel so I can play out. Added new synths, keys, drums, bass, and sound efx.

    You can stream his remix below and then download it for free: