“Space Captain” (Live On Letterman) (Video)


    The storied career of legendary jazzman Herbie Hancock includes many twists and turns, including a surprise (and hugely influential) turn toward electro and hip-hop with his 1983 single “Rockit,” and the follow-up album, Future Shock. Last night (Aug. 3) on Letterman Hancock settled into more familiar territory, playing “Space Captain” with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi from his current album, The Imagine Project.


    But Hancock is still mapping out new territories with his music, and it’s just a shame this performance didn’t come a week earlier when the influential Congolese troupe Konono No. 1 were in New York City—the group features on the opening song of The Imagine Project, titled “Imagine.” Not that this is a bad performance, because Tedeschi can certainly belt out lyrics with a certain passion, and Trucks delivers a typically spiky guitar solo. It’s just frustrating to think what might have been had the Hancock and Konono schedules been a little more in tune.


    [via The Audio Perv]