‘SouthernPlayalisticMaybachMusic’ (Mixtape)

    We offered a preview of this project earlier today when Andrew Winistorfer posted the remix of Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg,” which now features a “mushmouthed” verse from Rick Ross. And, as my fellow Prefixer put it, we didn’t really need those bars from Ricky. At all. But in a weird form of cross-promotion, that’s exactly what we get across the entirety of SouthernPlayalisticMaybachMusic. Well, sort of. The two MCs go back and fourth guesting on their respective hits on here, such as Big Boi adding a verse to “Magnificent” and Rawse spitting on “ATLiens.” But I must go back to the original question: Did we really need this? Eh, I guess. At least it means we get more rhymes from one half of Outkast.


    You can download SouthernPlayalisticMaybachMusic here.