“South Atlanta Bathrooms”

    We’re still not sure whether Trinidad Jame$ is a legitimate rapper or just one farcical post-internet kook (think Lil B with better hair). Regardless, the music keeps on coming from the man who may well blow up as rap’s next viral phenom any minute now.

    “South Atlanta Bathrooms,” the latest output from the gold-ardent Atlanta upstart, is entirely idiosyncratic; over a tingling beat from SMKA, Jame$ brags that he’s “way ahead of n****s in the lunchline,” his cameraman will “shoot something” and his girl “gives head ’til the sunshine.” (Neat). And it’s all delivered in that intentionally clumsy, yet strangely compelling, delivery.

    The track is featured on the new A3C, Vol. 2 compilation, which is out now on iTunes. If you’re looking for another fix of Trinidad Jame$, peruse his debut project, Don’t Be S.A.F.E., which built a nice buzz back in the summer.