“Sound Off” f. Termanology & Ea$y Money

    For those that might have forgotten, Oh No began working on his Rudy Ray Moore/Dolemite tribute in early 2008, prior to when Moore passed away in October of that year. But we have only heard rumblings of the project since then, as the rapper-producer’s been focused on other efforts, such as last year’s Gangrene with Alchemist.


    But now, we see that Ohnomite might be gaining some headway with this leak. “Sound Off,” which is built up from a vocal sample, features Termanology and Ea$y Money flowing with ease over the chugging drums and steady organ hits. While I’m more interested in hearing the verses from rumored guests MF DOOM and Guilty Simpson, these two Massachusetts rappers do their thing here.


    Photo by Dan Monick. Ohnomite hopefully drops this year.


    Oh No-Sound Off (Feat Termanology Easy Money)-www.hiphoplife.nl by MrJDK