“S.O.S. (Shaq on Stilts)” (Video)

    The promotional push behind one of this year’s better underground hip-hop albums, The Hybrid, ain’t done just yet. Likely shot the same day as “Shootin’ Moves,” the chill, night-time visuals for “S.O.S. (Shaq on Stilts)” just premiered over at Rappers I Know. The track offers one of the rare moments when Danny Brown uses his actual voice, which, as you’ll hear, is much calmer than the shout-y, in-your-face tone present on other tracks.


    I’ve heard he doesn’t prefer using this tone simply because he doesn’t like his own voice, though he’s said he is getting used to it. While I can totally empathize — people have likened my tone to Ron Burgundy — I have to admit I’m glad Brown is starting to come around to not using his hyped-up voice all the time.