“Sun Was High (So Was I)” (MP3)

    Best Coast is Bethany Consentino of Pocahaunted,  and while there’s maybe something of that lo-fi drone funk outfit in her newest work, Best Coast is clearly a sea change for Consentino, one whose waves she’s riding on a pop surfboard.


    Consentino is joined in Best Coast by Bobb Bruno, and though they’re doing that whole lo-fi that will thing probably be done when all of the blogs start posting tracks by some hot new band called Tiddals (two d’s), “Sun Was High (So Was I), is a pretty strong track. Consentino’s sincere, droning “I thought of you” sounds like the absolute peak of a good day, spent passing out with the sun in your face. When all of these bands have been weeded out, I’m betting that Best Coast will stick around in the rest of their output is like this.


    Best Coast is releasing a tape on Blackest Rainbow and a 7-inch on Art Fag Recordings. [GVSB]