“Someone Just Like You” F. Mattie Safer (Video – Prefix Premiere)

    If you’ve never heard of Beni, the video for “Someone Just Like You” should be a good introduction. The song is off the Australian house DJ’s debut album, House of Beni, which features some truly likable dance music. The voice on “Someone” is Washington, DC native and former Rapture bassist, Maffie Safer, whose strong voice wraps tightly around Beni’s groove.

    The video is accordingly slick, with kaleidoscope shots, silhouettes and a human structure that looks like a skull. It’s like a ’70s disco party held in the desert. “Someone” also maintains a good visual balance between two kinds of trippiness, one induced naturally and the other, perhaps, not so much. There’s plenty of cool camera work with shadows and projections that will have you watching again, even if you don’t care for the song. Fortunately, the music’s also great. Did I mention topless dancers? You can check the video out right here. House of Beni is out now.

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