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Solange: "T.O.N.Y." (Live on Jimmy Fallon) (Video)

Solange was on Jimmy Fallon last night, performing her confessional "T.O.N.Y." with face paint that looked vaguely Adam Ant-esque. Solange kicks the song off with some impressive vocal gymnastics, and then kicks into an effervescent and choreographed take.


Solange's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams is out now via Geffen.

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The beginning sounds very familiar to Shuggie Otis' "Island Letter." Wasn't expecting this at all. Really fantastic performance. I'm just waiting for the day when people realize that Solange's album is better than any of Beyonce's solo work.

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Solange's album is AWESOME!!! been having it since it first came out and TONY happens to be one of my fave5's. She and her sister should never be compared because they have two totally diff sounds, looks, and personality. Solange is more 60's-70's retro type, while her sis Beyonce is more of a POP/RnB type. They both are very talented and i cant wait until they come down here to NEW ORLEANS!!!! for Essence fest this year!

-tira(Solange/Beyonce fans forever)


love, love, love, love the vibes!!!!! she gives me that feel good chill!


It's annoying when people compare Beyonce to Solange, as Solange says


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