“So Many Details”

    “So Many Details” is the first slow-burning single from the upcoming Toro Y Moi release Anything In Return due out January 22 via Carpark.

    Streaming now via Soundcloud, The track is a nuanced take on aftermath of a relationship, at the same time tender and achingly erotic—“You send my life into somewhere I can’t describe,” Chaz Bundick sings against the backdrop of a fluid R&B beat hazed by Sonic Youth-style reverb. And it’s the ineffable that provokes and preoccupies Bundick on this track—there’s something almost pleading in his repetitions of “what happened to us?”

    In the official press release for the song, Carpark describes the single as “situated in a slightly darker setting than we’re accustomed to hearing from Bundick, “So Many Details” builds on a foundation of rolling hi-hats and deep, syncopated kick drums, letting highly variable elements pass in and out of the mix. A slightly fuzzy bass line carries much of the melody, drunken synth stabs try to keep up with the vocals, and lilting guitar adds tension as the track reaches its peak. The producer’s hand is extremely apparent here— not least in the sampled vocal punctuations that give it a hip-hop-indebted confidence- and Bundick spends much of the track adding, subtracting, and putting effects on a handful of elements.” Whatever way you do the math, the sound is overwhelming.

    Toro Y Moi will be releasing the track as a 7″ that includes a remix featuring Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats as part of Record Store Day on Nov. 23.


    Track Listing for Anything In Return:

    1 Harm In Change

    2 Say That

    3 So Many Details

    4 Rose Quartz

    5 Touch

    6 Cola

    7 Studies

    8 High Living

    9 Grown Up Calls

    10 Cake

    11 Day One

    12 Never Matter

    13 How’s It Wrong