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Snoop Dogg: La Lakers Theme (MP3)

Here's the Lakers playoff song performed by Snoop and Kurupt. I remember the Warriors had a track for last year's playoffs and although they had a nice run, they didn't get to the finals. We'll see if this track is a blessing or curse. For the record, I think the Lakers will beat Utah, but will lose to the Hornets.
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Snoop Dogg

Alright Snoop already called them the "World Champion Lakers." No way are they winning now.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

i did the Laker anthem first being played on 102.7 kIIS fm ryan seacrest in the morning! Snoop you washed up. You cant fucc with me bitch ass nigga. Outrageous Records!! Nigga


Snoop bad move playa. At half time down by 20, I will not play that to light a fire under my team ass.

I heard Ryan Seacrest play this for Derick Fisher.

All I can say is fire. I am a Knicks fan and caught myself saying WE LAKERS. Mr Snoop let the next man have a seat at the table dont you have a full plate. Besides he is one of your brothers from the LBC. Like Jigga said "WHERES THE LOVE?"


wont stop tell the lakers. on top that is tha deal...Snoop dog said that .U know MR.GAvin crown THE LA lakers . DONT BE A LAKER HATER. U KNOW. WHO WILL WIN IT ALL. GOODBY LAKERS HATERS 2008

Mr Gavin

What is this nigga talkin about. I'm talikn about the laker anthem I did that is being played by KIIS FM Ryan seacrest in the morning. I did the the antehm first. Snoop wants to come and try to copy my idea but cant. Check the link u idiot. I love the lakers.




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