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Snoop Dogg: "Keep Going"

Snoop Dogg isn't done just yet with his weekly free music series, #PuffPuffPassTuesdays. And with that in mind, it's hard to imagine how many tracks we haven't heard yet off his forthcoming album, Doggumentary. Along with these free weekly tracks, he's also dropped several singles from the album on the side. Could it be that not all of these will appear on the final record? Anyway, the latest #PuffPuffPassTuesdays joint might be the best yet. "Keep Going" is as buttery smooth as they come these days. And the credit for that goes to both Snoop's (always) relaxed demeanor and producer Terrace Martin's perfectly chill backdrop. Is it summer yet?


Listen to "Keep Going" below. Doggumentary is due out March 29.




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Snoop Dogg

i just want him to release the song he supposedly did with Gorillaz that's supposed to be on the new album... guess I could have to wait until the album drops.

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