“Smoke Sum’n” F. Lil Wayne

    If you follow Curren$y on Twitter or you’re one of his Facebook fans, you no doubt noticed that he’s been talking up a storm (no pun) today about a track that was supposed to make it onto his latest mixtape, Verde Terrace. But when the tape was coming together, he apparently hurt his leg. And, in a painkiller-induced state, he forgot to check his e-mail and missed out on including what would be its biggest feature.

    The track, “Smoke Sum’n,” made it onto the tape, but it was missing a Lil Wayne verse. Yeah, not the best mistake to make, but hey, at least we have it now, right? Consider this a pretty nice bonus track and the only time we’ll probably hear Weezy and Spitta rapping on the “Elevators (Me & You)” beat from Outkast’s ATLiens.

    You can stream the track below and download it here.