After a year and a half of waiting, Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz announced the name of their debut as Hail Mary Mallon last week. While knowing that the album would be called Are You Gonna Eat That? was great and all, I think most of us wanted to hear would their efforts together would sound like. Sure, we have heard “D-Up,” but that was in September 2009. We needed something, you know, new. And that’s just what they have delivered here with “Smock,” the album’s first leak. It’s every bit as grimy, filthy, and brooding as you would want thanks to some thick synthesizers. Expect to play this track, which packs a heavy low-end punch, several times to take it all in, especially Rob Sonic and Aes Rock’s tag team-style verses.


    Listen to “Smock” at Rolling Stone. Are You Gonna Eat That? drops June 7.