“Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Rebel Girl”


    Kathleen Hanna is closing out 2010 with a bang. Last Wednesday she joined the good folks of Our Hit Parade for their biweekly karaoke-cabaret romp down pop music’s memory lane. The above clip includes her story about how an afternoon tagging a pro-life clinic with her late homie Kurt Cobain devolved into drunken sharpie scrawls on his apartment walls. While Hanna admits being embarrassed by the incident (she even includes a couple NSFW projected slides to illustrate her point), Cobain found inspiration in one of her lines about smelling like Teen Spirit — yadda, yadda, yadda — and Hanna and band take a dramatic turn on his classic anthem.


    She closes with another must-hear story about stripping to raise funds to tour, her encounter with a gotta-find-them-now band called “Mutton Chops” and a relatively spot-on rendition of BK’s “Rebel Girl.” Look to screen right for husband and Beastie Boy Adrock briefly joining her on bass.


    And, in case you didn’t read this already: the video is NSFW.