“Smallish Hooves” (Video)


    Animal Magic Tricks is the moniker of Brighton, England’s Frances Laura Donnelly. The minimalist composer eschews polished pop in favor of raw sounds and ideas, forming both an agitating and calming effect. Like drinking a second cup of tea before bedtime. On the Rich Sanz-directed video for “Smallish Hooves,” the song intros with the Ronette’s “By My Baby,” when discordant drums, toy pianos and Donnelly’s wispy high register takes over. The music proves to be a suitable backdrop to the art school Rorschach test, where swatches of gray watercolors are given some color by the end of the clip. There’s an obvious sense of loneliness and isolation that comes across as more of an observation rather than a complaint. Animal Magic Tricks’ debut album Soil is out now. There are donation options for the “impoverished,” “salaried” and “marvelous benefactor” amongst you. [Gorilla vs. Bear]