‘Slime Flu 2’ (Mixtape)

    Harlem rapper/Dipset associate Vado is looking to end the year in a big way. His latest joint mixtape with Cam’ron, Boss of All Bosses 3, is set to (finally) drop Dec. 16. But before that gets here, Vado has released his own oft-delayed project in Slime Flu 2. He’s sharing the “Internet version” of the album as a free download, which means you can expect a retail version to be released relatively soon. Interestingly enough, Killa Cam doesn’t appear on SF2 once. Actually, none of Vado’s Dipset buddies do. Instead, you’ll find guest verses from Fabolous, Jae Millz (ugh), and a few other street rappers. Whatevs. You can download the mixtape here. [RR]