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Sleigh Bells: "Infinity Guitars" (Live on Tunnelvision) (Video)


As perhaps the breakout band from this year's CMJ, Sleigh Bells are poised to breakthrough in a big way in 2010, when they presumably will finally getting around to, you know, actually releasing some product. Until then, here's video of the duo performing "Infinity Guitars" in a sweaty locale for Pitchfork TV's Tunnelvision. This is actually an improvement, sonics-wise, over some of the MP3s of this track, since it doesn't set my computer speakers on fire from over-work like those do. [Pitchfork]

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Sleigh Bells

Hmm, ok, I'm not that impressed. But I'll reserve judgement on your say-so. x

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Look up "Crown on the Groud." That thing slays.

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