“Sleepyhead” (Starsmith Remix ft. Ellie Goulding) (MP3)

    It’s not time to retire Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” yet. UK producer Starsmith has collaborated with Ellie Goulding, a songwriter from Wales, to remake the popular song. Their take fades out Passion Pit’s eccentricity in favor of a fresh dance-pop vibe.


    The satisfying break beat and sped-up tempo cater to this interpretation, as does the synth hook that stands in for hand claps and gentle, glittering percussion. Goulding’s voice is the track’s anchor, replacing the original male falsetto and its chipmunk overlay. Her voice has a strong UK accent and a nasal quality, features that radiate warmth. The chorus, with its harmonized oh-oh-oh’s, harkens pop optimism.


    Get Starsmith’s Yes Mate summer mixtape here. [Discodust]