“Sleeping in the Driveway” (Video) ft. Bonnie “Prince” Billy


    The video “Sleeping in the Driveway”, a collaboration between Ohia sound collagist Brian Harnetty and renowned Kentucky songwriter Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is thoroughly Midwestern. The shaky home movie footage is a patchwork of the Heartland; countryside fields, small town roads, churches, graveyards and silos. The film alone portrays some of the more blasé aspects of rural America, but together with the soundtrack the outcome is endearing.


    The song itself is gorgeous—a refreshing change from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s past experimental collaborations, such as those with Tortoise and the Tren Brothers. Perhaps “Sleeping in the Driveway” works so well because Oldham and Harnetty share a regional bond; although that doesn’t explain the brilliance of Oldham’s contribution to Current 93’s “Idumæa”. Whatever the reason, “Sleeping in the Driveway” is a stimulating sneak peak into Brian Hanretty’s Sleeping City, which will be released in June on Atavistic. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy will be more than just a guest on Sleeping City by supplying his witty and dark prose atop Harnetty’s collages.