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Slash: "Paradise City" ft. Fergie and Cypress Hill (Stream)

Slash is in the process of completing a new solo album, but the first single, released as a Japan-only exclusive, has hit the net hard. Actually, scratch that; the horrible b-side, which features Cypress Hill and Fergie reinterpreting "Paradise City" has hit the net pretty hard. It's hit as hard almost as hard as it sucks, and that's pretty impressive. This sounds like it was concocted for the end credits of a movie starring Dane Cook about Carlos Mencia and his bank-robbing hijinks that featured cameo roles from Shia Labeouf and Jeff Dunham and was written by Michael Bay. I have a feeling Mike Myers would also be involved somehow. Ugh, this is the worst here, guys. Give me Soulja Boy any day over this here stuff. [RS]   

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This Is dire... Fergies parts are good but cypris hill??


i'm a big fan of GNR but i still must say.... i kinda like this


Agreed Fergies good but hill sucks


my god, it had to happen at some point. i didn't think slash of all people would take up axel's torch at making what was once amazing music, unbearable to listen to anymore. all respective artists are great in their own rite, but this is utter crap through and through. i truly hope this goes into the closet and forgotten forever. i'm sure it was well intentioned but just because you CAN do something does NOT mean you should.


I don't know...It's not any worse than the original song.


Wow that was terrible! What were you thinking Slash???

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif Neely2005

i paused sabbaths war pigs to listen to this poo. slash what are you doing! riffs are good but its still lame. slash are you blind huuhhh


"Walk this Way" for a new generation? bleeeccchhhhhhhh


Really hopes they make a film about an english boy who grew up in america, liked bmx and guitar, got in a band called GNR, but didn't end up making NAFF songs with the crapness of pop as an ending to the story!

The Duke of Rock

Cypress Hill...? What the hell. Stop ruin the good old songs! Not good.

Rikki Starr

Fergie DOES sound a bit like Axl actually... xD


seems that after all the hard drinking and drugs slash brain cells all are dead


Truth is Slash probably threw this in for the purpose of giving old Gunners a shotout. Like it or not, he's most likely sick of constantly being bombarded with unrealistic expectations of Guns renunion. Like it or not, people should have a little more respect of trying something fun for the purpose of giving his loyal fans a shoutout by throwing it back in the guys face. It's not my favorite, but I appreciate the nod man, good luck. I'm looking forward to checking out the new album.


Not fair to compare, Rose rips, Fergie strips and Cypress trips. It does remind me of a soundtrack song (remember Sheryl Crows horrible rendition of Sweet Child O'Mine) this has that beat by a long shot.


I like it... Fergie does sound a lot like Axl, especially at the beginning. I don't think Cypress Hill have disgraced themselves at all. As for the man Slash I'm glad he doesn't view his own history as untouchable & I hope he kinda enjoys pissing off all the luddites who think he shouldn't have done it. Plus the solo at the end stays in key this time ;)


so what the f***, this song is gonna be very cool after fifty years, live it and you'll see it!

kasic from latvia

How ironic and hypocritical that this is going in the same direction as Chinese Democracy. The same direction that caused Slash and Axl to split in the first place. I'm saddened by that.


Fergie sounds nothing like Axel, she's neither really that great or bad.

LexC really ain't that bad.........not to be taken too's only a's ok !

Pengam Pete

sounds ok to me


Friggin' brilliant! I love it. So much more energy than Chinese Democracy.


This suck.......... making money from the old hits. What the f**k, Slash don't have inspiration for new songs???


Fergie sounds great but rather than doing the old I'm retired but can still rock with guest singers Santana like thing, I'd sooner Slash spent more time getting a new singer for VR and putting out some new material. I rate Slither as the best rock song of the noughties so want to hear some more new stuff. Leave the rehashes for when your in your sixties Slash, please!


Fergie ROCKS...!!! And I never thought I would say that! Gives the main man Axl a good run for his money!


Really, really, really not necessary to have made this song. Fergie does have a certain sexy-rock-chic-screamer thing going on, but it would be better reserved for backing up Axl's vocals. This song is sad.


Most of this song sucks, but the parts that sound like Axl's recording are way too similar without being nearly as good... if slash is gonna redo this song, at least put a new twist on it. And a GOOD signer like Bruce Dickinson or something.

The man with no name

Not to say that the original wasn't a land mark, and this slightly misses the mark. On it's own I think that the Slash/Fergie combo give it an interesting sound. Hill??? Ok, I guess I can see it.... after a fifth and a J too many. Over all I still liked it, call me silly.

Stirling Duck

why slash!??!?!? WHY!?!?


Actually this is okay, anything Slash does is cool by me, this is just another version of a great song, don't knock it! Keep on rocking Slash you are the coolest guitarist on the planet!!
It's another brilliant guitar rift from Slash pleasuring my burntout ear drums!!


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