“Skinny Little Bitch” (Live on Letterman) (Video)

    Courtney Love is busy painting herself into a corner with this new incarnation of Hole. She’s alienated everyone from her former co-writer Billy Corgan to one of her biggest critical allies from the past, Everett True (and believe me, there is a vast, cavernous gap between Corgan and True). True rightly balked at the fact that someone named “Micko” was involved in this version of the band, but Love brought him and the rest of “Hole” to David Letterman’s show last night (April 27) to deliver this version of “Skinny Little Bitch.”


    There’s a noticeable lack of enthusiasm from Love and the rest of the band during this performance—the time when she was a genuinely compelling, unpredictable and highly entertaining force seems long gone. Instead, we get a rote rock stomper, delivered by a male dominated band that look like they could be in Jet for Christ’s sake, and Love fronting it all, her voice shot, her charisma strangely dampened, her past glories (and there were glories) so far behind her that they’ve vaporized into the ether. Courtney, you’ve got Eric Erlandson’s number somewhere. Do the decent thing and at least try to let him help you salvage this mess.