“Sketch 5”

    Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, 1972 was a hazy early 2011 highlight, which is now getting a sequel (of sorts) in the shape of Dropped Pianos. The title is an obvious reference to “The Piano Drop” from that record, while the music is made up of sketches of songs Hecker composed during his preparation for Ravedeath, 1972. He’s released “Sketch 5” (below) to preview Dropped Pianos, which is a simple piano lament that shows what Hecker’s music sounds like when all the distortion is stripped away. This feels similar to the trick Oneohtrix Point Never pulled off when he got Antony to sing on a version of “Returnal,” where the sad, ominous core of the song is retained despite the lack of surface texture. 

    Tim Hecker ‘Sketch 5’ by kranky