“Skating Down The Block” (Video)

    Last week, Fresno, Calif. spitter Fashawn announced that he would be dropping yet another mixtape, Champagne and Styrofoam Cups, in the near future. We’ve heard rumors that it will drop in March 2012. But considering he’s now released a music video for what is the project’s lead single in “Skating Down the Block,” it seems more likely that it will arrive sooner.

    Or maybe he’s just going to go with a slower, more spread-out promotional train. Anyway, the video for the track pretty much outlines that it’s more about selling weed than it is skateboarding. It’s also a mini-narrative, for which we are complete suckers. I just wish the beat wasn’t so close to Fabolous’ “Breathe,” which uses the same sample.Watch the video below.

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