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Silversun Pickups: "Panic Switch" (MP3)

Silversun Pickups became unlikely rock heroes in 2006 when their '90s alternative mess of a debut album, Carnavas, found an audience thanks to single "Lazy Eye" (which is, without question, one of the worst songs to play on Rock Band). The band have a new album out in April, and the first single, "Panic Switch" is out now. The song sounds Smashing Pumpkins-like (like everything Silversun Pickups have put out, essentially), and is, like "Lazy Eye," stretched out to an unnecessary length of nearly six minutes. There's not a lot here that's worth listening to that long--the feedback-heavy guitars barely change tones, and lead singer Brian Aubert's vocals sound like he desperately needs a glass of water (and a pitch change).


Silversun Pickups' Swoon is due out on April 13 via Dangerbird. [Stereogum]


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Silversun Pickups

Well Andrew u r what i like to call a wanna be writer who rites about some he knows nothing about 90 alternative mess ha............... smashing pumpkins, nirvana, pearl jam, red hot chili peppers, fugazi, sex pistols, the who, led zepplin, robert johnson, elvis cosettlo and for gods sake even the Beatles at the time were alternative mess now im not saying sspu is any of these bands or changing music like these bands did. But that being said sspu has more talent anyone who's come out in the last three years omg bold statement yes.....u talk about long the feed back heavy guitars but for get to mention the amazing base line or the technical drums......there song are long thats y they're good its not a catch two mins of crapo that the only reason u like is cause the song is stuck in your head so long that uh have to like it or become andrew next time before u write such a bad review maybe u should go back and listen to the music that has made generations the 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's and 90's... than after you have done that listen to the majority of crap that is out now and the majority of crap famous musicans from the past are putting out and are getting written off as genius..then this to carnavas and swoon again an tell me it sucks cause if u can do that by all means go ahead but the point im trying to make is this band isnt any where near as bad as u make them out to be and anyone whos listens to ur reveiw probably should be listening to music anyway.........................but the again ur not a real music critic anyway


They definitely have a 90s alternative radio friendly sound.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Andross gets more prefix heat than I could ever imagine. I WANT THAT HEAT!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

I do take more than my share of lumps. But hey, whatevz.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross


/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat


/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Shame you don't like it. Carnavas was a brilliant album and this song is amazing. To each their own.


Im with you tmaley, maybe andrew just enjoys the jonas brothers yay!


Yeah, maybe they sound like the Pumpkins, but is that so bad? Carnavas was what I was hoping Zeitgeist would be...the crown has passed. Silversun Pickups are great live and recorded...loving Panic Room, and cannot WAIT for release of Swoon.


Silversun Pickups puts on a great live show. Their music (whether live or recorded) makes you interact and feel something. That's what music is supposed to do right? I would love to know what genre this critic is into since he seems to write such bad remarks about a band influenced by many different ones.


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