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Silversun Pickups: "Panic Switch" (Live on Kimmel) (Video)

The second album by California alt-rockers Silversun Pickups, Swoon, catapulted the band into the upper echelons of the Billboard chart, and they capitalized on that popularity by performing the song “Panic Switch” on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night (Jan. 26).


It’s a boom time for independent labels at present—if you can define a “boom time” as slipping in the back door with meager sales due to a collapse in interest in paying money for music—and “Panic Switch” was the first song by an independent artist to reach number one on the Billboard chart in 11 years (since Everlast’s “What It’s Like”). Unfortunately, as this performance irrefutably demonstrates, that’s the only interesting thing about it.


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Silversun Pickups

the fact that Nick Neyland would rate a band on the basis of the less than perfect recording of one live performance is a clear indicator of the sub-intelligence quotient of Mr. Neyland. The facts speak for themselves: This band has been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Band, they appeared before Paul McCartney at a recent music festival, and their albums and concerts sell out across the board. They are on tour currently with Muse and I cannot wait to see them live AGAIN (saw them in Eugene, Oregon last May and that show KICKED ASS) in Portland April 3. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


ya the reviewer obviously doesn't know a damn thing ...

charts? lulz

Justin Chrosniak

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