“Silver Snail” (Video)

    One of the most influential indie bands to emerge in the late eighties and calling it quits in 1993, Pixies recently reformed and released a full-length, Indie Cindy (April, 2014). In keeping with their innovative spirit, the band has recruited up and coming filmmakers for their music videos. For the moody “Silver Snail”, director Matthew Newman aka Mount Emult tells an enigmatic bleak tale of a captive in a desolate snowy landscape. 

    According to Black Francis by e-mail to Speakeasy: “Consequently, we’ve really had very little creative input in this new ‘Silver Snail’ video or any of the others that have been made for the ‘Indie Cindy’ project. I think the only direction we’ve given any of those who have made a music video for us this time was just to be as creative and innovative as they want—no barriers. And looking back at the series of videos we have for this project, they’ve all done just that.”


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