“Shut Up, Man” F. El-P

    What is it about working with Das Racist that makes El-P spit some of his best bars to date? He had one of last year’s finest verses when he appeared on their track “Sit Down, Man.” And it’s sounding like he might have a repeat on his hands here on “Shut Up, Man,” the latest leak off Das Racist’s Relax. The track’s beat is on some bangin’, Public Enemy-type-shit, which is a fitting setting for Das Racist and El-P’s warped bravado. While their lyrics no doubt make an instant impression, their cadences are actually what make “Shut Up, Man” so goddamn good. Their shared approach to the beat also causes the track to feel like a true collaboration and not some whipped-up-via-e-mail hodgepodge.

    You can listen to the track at Some Kind of Awesome. Relax drops Sept. 13, though you can listen to it on Spotify now if you have an account.