“Shut It Down” f. The-Dream

    Drake leaked the first track, “Over,” off his upcoming Thank Me Later album more than two weeks ago. But it turns out that track, which I thought was disappointing, wasn’t the album’s first single. That’s where “Shut it Down” comes in. This mellow, woozy cut that features The Dream is likely to be the next ubiquitous Drake track to hit the radio. The only issue I see with this track is that it’s a little too slow to get any play in the clubs. But, hey, apparently Drake has said it’s meant to be a “before the club” type of track for the ladies, which makes sense but makes it an odd choice for a lead single. I do think it’s a step up from “Over,” simply because “Shut it Down” reminds me of those smooth ballad-esque tracks off the So Far Gone mixtape.


    You can stream “Shut It Down” at 2DopeBoyz. And just to note, this isn’t the CD quality version of the track, but it’s damn close.