“Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)”

    British multi-instrumentalist Thomas Timothy Vernon-Kell is a seeker who just happens to work within the realm of pop music; this fact made his debut album, 2005’s We Have Sound, full of body-shaking guitar licks build upon jazzy harmonies and a Reichien penchant for repetition.  

    Follower Leisure Seizure, released in 2011, toned down his experimentalism slightly in favor of more pop accessibility, albeit with mixed results. Now, Tom Vek is getting ready to put out his third solo LP Luck (out June 9 via Moshi Moshi), and has just released a fresh single. “Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)” continues the reductionist path Vek’s been on, focusing on catchy essentials. This includes an earwormy leading riff and the singer’s trademark deadpan-yet-seductive delivery, perfectly fitting the cynical message of the song. 

    Listen below: