“She Owns The Streets”

    “I’ve noticed her before dancing wildly on Bowery, running crazily in the street among the cabs and horrified passers-by,” says singer/guitarist Sune Rose Wagner of the Raveonettes. He’s referring to a New York City dancer that inspired the song “She Owns The Streets,” off the group’s new album Observerator, out September 11 through VICE Records.

    The song is a dreamy-but-gothic piece of guitar-pop, reflecting the opposing elements of the track’s subject matter. “In 20 minutes I had written a song about the pleasures and pitfalls of being perceived as either a drug-crazed girl or an insane individual, simply because she dares to defy the laws of civility and conformity. Isolation can be a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t afford you this kind of inspiration.” Sune Rose Wagner, summing up the Raveonettes’ aesthetic in a few short words. Take a listen to the song below.