“She” F. TiRon

    Before today, we were expecting to see an album by the name of Grown Kid Syndrome coming from the guys of Pac Div. And it was meant to serve as their proper full-length debut. But something changed in the past year or so. Maybe they decided to get rid of the kiddy-leaning theme associated with the album title. Or maybe they’re just holding on to it for a later release.

    Whatever their plans, Pac Div finally issued their first retail release today with The Div. And for longtime fans, the album comes with it one of the most-anticipated tracks from the West Coast trio’s catalog. You see, years ago, a snippet of the TiRon-assisted “She” hit the web and sent fans into a tizzy. But since then, we’ve only heard rumors of a final version. Well, it turns out that the group was saving the gem for The Div and you can stream it below. Enjoy, Pac Div faithful. [2DopeBoyz]