“Shake Them Shackles” (Prefix Premiere)

    Did you ever see the outtake of the kid on TCM’s “Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales” who gets himself hopelessly tongue-tied trying to describe one of his dreams? Well, as it turns out, so did Sean Orr, the Vancouver-based producer behind Tassels. In his excellent new track “Shake Them Shackles,” he samples the clip but maxes-out the reverb to render the boy’s speech even more hypnotically incoherent. In striking contrast with all this vocal confusion, the track also features a strong, simple, bass- and guitar-driven beat. So propulsive is it that when, in the closing bars, the child eventually reaches the end of his sentence, you feel sure that it’s this beat that finally gets him there.

    Tassels’s full-length, Pressure Mounts, will be released as a limited edition tape on May 29 via Pour Le Corps Records. Until then “Shake Them Shackles,” taken from the new record, streams below.