Adam Byczkowski has come a long way since his debut stint in the Sopot, Poland free-folk outfit Kyst. Now based in Berlin, Byczkowski is getting ready to release his first EP as Better Person: the musician’s white-boy-R&B, synth-soul solo project. The album will be out on German label Mansions and Millions sometime later this year, and is now teased with a brand new track called “Sentiment”. 

    Just like Better Person’s only other song, “I Wake Up Tired,” the new single tries to reconvene Byczkowski’s bashful, bedroom-pop sensibility with the sexy, cosmopolitan textures of ’80s funk and R&B. Unlike “I Wake Up Tired” though, it plays up both of those sides simultaneously, coming across like an Arthur Russell ad-libbing to a slowed-down, decayed Jam and Lewis production. As a break-up song, it captures the moment when you’ve finally moved on, but it doesn’t make things any better.

    Listen to “Sentiment” below: