Seconds Away

     Two years after the release of the band’s debut LP, Cry Out Loud, Costa Rica’s Las Robertas return with the Dissected Affair 7″ — a three song single slated for release on San Diego’s Art Fag Recordings later this year.

    The single’s lead track, “Seconds Away,” builds upon the many sonic elements explored by Las Robertas on the group’s first album; dreamy, reverb-soaked female harmonies punctuate simply arranged melodies, oohs and aahs filling much of the song’s lyrical content. However, while Las Robertas early output conformed rather strictly to these characteristics, “Seconds Away” isn’t afraid to venture outside the group’s aesthetic norms. Bass lines are more thunderous, changes in volume are carefully emphasized, the band’s maturation strikingly apparent. Two years in the making or not, “Seconds Away” makes this new Las Robertas material worth the wait.

    A release date for the Dissected Affair 7″ has not been announced, but keep an eye on Art Fag Recordings’ website for any updates. Listen to “Seconds Away” below.