“Search & Destroy” F. Chuck Inglish

    Mysterious West Coast producer Lee Bannon catapulted onto our radar last week when the B-side to his “Search & Destroy” leaked to the web. To say we were impressed by his post-Madlib stylings on “The Things” would be an understatement. It didn’t hurt that he had Del the Funky Homosapien spitting on the beat, but still, it could have been killer as an instrumental. The same goes for “Search & Destroy” itself. Yeah, Chuck Inglish, of the Cool Kids, sounds good talking all sorts of shit, but it’s Bannon’s warped, spacey layers and crunchy drums that make this track. And the whole noisy, prog-leaning breakdown-turned-IDM freak-out? Sweet jesus. This is some futuristic shit right here.

    You can stream the single below. It’s out now on iTunes via Plug Research.

    Lee Bannon – Search & Destroy (Single) by Plug Research