“School” (Video Stream, Live at Reading)

    Nirvana at the Reading Festival in 1992 was an epochal moment. So I’m told. Too young to even bother to pretend to have been there, I’m old enough that Nirvana was undoubtedly the most important band of my lifetime. I was stunned the first time I talked to someone younger than me who had no recollection of Nirvana forever changing the world. Soon we’ll all be able to watch Nirvana at Reading, and not on some crummy bootleg. To watch this video of “School” is to realize that Nirvana is still what I hope every new band sounds like. I hope this DVD gets big so that I can talk to young people again.


    “School” is streaming now at Amazon. Nirvana Live at Reading will be available as a CD plus DVD deluxe edition, or as a lone CD or DVD, on November 3 from Total Assault. Vinyl people can wait until November 17 for the two-LP version.