“Scheiße” (Remix) (Streaming)

    Lady Gaga debuted a new remix of a song at a Paris fashion show last week, and her label frantically scrambled to remove all the low quality YouTube rips from the Internet. It turns out they needn’t have bothered, as Gaga has released the track for free on Soundcloud, which provides a much clearer glimpse of what we may be in store for when Born This Way surfaces later this year. This edges close to “Bad Romance” territory, with Gaga’s vocals hitting that strident, deeper, more Grace Jones-y kind of range that she often dips into. It’s difficult to tell how this song will ultimately end up sounding—this version “does not include the chorus” according to Gaga Daily—but it’s as close as we’ve got to a full preview of a Born This Way track so far.  


    Lady Gaga – Scheiße (Remix) by gagadaily