“Scarycat” F. Nelly

    I know I can’t be the only person who laughed, shook his head, and refreshed the page upon seeing this new Gucci Mane and Nelly track, “Scarycat.” Yeah, I thought it was fake, too. But holy shit, it’s not. And, until they get to the chorus, the track is actually kind of good. Gucci sounds right at home over frequent collaborator/producer Zaytoven’s playful beat, but then the hook hits and it’s instant face-palm status. It isn’t just because of Nelly, either. Gucci is just as much to blame for the awful, beyond-sloppy chorus. Nelly’s verse is jaw-dropping in its shittiness, though. Chalk this one up as an unfortunate, albeit expected, fail. Here’s hoping the rest of Zaytoven’s upcoming mixtape, Zaytown 3, isn’t quite as disappointing.


    You can stream the track below.



    [Rap Radar]