“Sandwitches” F. Hodgy Beats (Live) (Video)

    A few months back, fellow Prefix editor Andrew Winistorfer (sort of) reported the news that the hooligans of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All were getting their own show on Adult Swim. He, rightfully so, asserted that the show would never actually happen. Well, it looks like he and the other doubters could be wrong. Pitchfork is reporting that the above footage of Odd Future was shot by director Lance Bangs, who has been following the collective on tour to gather video for the show’s pilot. If this video is any indication, we’ll probably get a fair share of awesome live footage spread across episodes mostly filled with the zany antics of Odd Future and their rabid fans. Here, you can watch as Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats perform “Sandwitches,” which includes when Tyler broke his foot crowd-surfing. Ouch.