“Same Page Different Book”

    Seemingly out of nowhere, a new Prince song has appeared on Youtube. The Twitter account 3rdEyeGirl dropped off the purple one’s newest song “Same Page Different Book” with the message “Tell me a story….”

    At this point there is speculation that the account is associated with Prince since the song has not been taken down and because the user has also released remixes of “Rock and Roll Love Affair” and an extended remix of “Laydown.” Perhaps “3rdEyeGirl” will be the title of a new album? Let the rumor mill begin!

    Regardless of whether or not 3rdEyeGirl is part of Prince’s marketing team, “Same Page Different Book” is another incredibly funky song that Prince fans will love. [Pinboard]

    Update: The “New Kids on the Block” line makes us believe that this was a song recorded years ago that went unreleased.