Stereogum has got its hands on the official version of Hole’s alt-rocky “Samantha,” a song Courtney Love, and whoever she’s paying to be in Hole these days, played on Jonathan Ross in February. This song isn’t as aurally offensive as “Skinny Little Bitch,” but then again, getting your ears cut off wouldn’t be as aurally offensive as “Skinny Little Bitch.” Just beware if you’re listening at work/around your chillun: There are so many “fucks” in the middle of this song, the song might as well just be called “Fuck.” Given that Love’s voice was never that precise an instrument before, age has added a little edge to her vocals. It’s almost as if you can hear all that substance abuse in the strains of her shouts. Listen here


    Hole’s Nobody’s Daughter is due out on April 27.