“Running Into Next Year” (Prefix Premiere)


    It would be a bit misleading to merely call New Orleans-based Kindest Lines a synth act. Certainly, the trio’s got a knack for the pulsing dance beats and minor-key trills that have become Wierd Records’ calling card of late–but one listen to Kindest Lines’ debut LP Covered In Dust, out June 15 on Wierd, reveals a vast pop sensibility that weaves lovelorn ’60s girl groups, washes of shoegaze guitar, and heart-on-your-sleeve indie pop together with the pounding synth hooks throughout.


    Album track “Running Into Next Year” begins with a particularly aggressive series of beats; paralleling frontwoman Brittany Terry’s narrative of love, longing, and liquor-soaked self-doubt (“Nervous for nothing/Maybe it’s the alcohol confusing me and all”), hazy, Cure-esque guitar melodies creep in. The juxtaposition of such hypnotically pretty lushness and the electronic coldness at the song’s core exemplifies Kindest Lines’ fondness for duality — a well-honed sense of gloom and melancholy, cut through with just enough optimism as not to be cloying.


    Kindest Lines: “Running Into Next Year” (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag